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My interview on Spoke Fund® website

Here is the link to my interview on the Spoke Fund® website. Thank you Cale ! … [Read more...]

Under The Microscope: Concentrated Portfolios

In the world of investing, just like in the world of politics, people tend to hold strong views about what is the right way to invest. But, when you look deeper, often there are merits in both sides of the argument depending on the context. Many investors take a quote from a famous investor that fits their viewpoint and use that idea as a rule of thumb in their investing philosophy. However, a different interpretation emerges when you look under the surface and take the context of the quote into … [Read more...]

Illusion of Large Numbers

One of the common themes on financial media is how much the market or stock price has moved in a period of time. But, while reading financial newspapers or watching CNBC, we should keep in mind that their primary objective is to attract the reader/viewer attention so that they can sell advertisements. Stock price movements of companies that have a large price per share seems, at first glance, to be more significant than similar stock price movements of companies with a small price per … [Read more...]