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Friday Grin: Banks

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Under The Microscope: Rule No.1 is Never Lose Money

In these turbulent days in the market, lets revisit a frequently quoted Warren Buffett line - "Rule No.1 is never lose money. Rule No.2 is never forget rule number one." Before we dig deeper into the quote, let me make it clear that I agree wholeheartedly with most successful investors that managing risk is job number one for a portfolio manager. But, contrary to academic view, keep in mind that risk is not really the volatility of stock price, it is the possibility of permanent loss of … [Read more...]

Friday Grin: Full Disclosure

We are all for full disclosure ! Enjoy your weekend. … [Read more...]

Friday Grin: Speculation

Don't speculate on stocks; invest in companies for long-term. Enjoy your weekend ! … [Read more...]

Portfolio in a Picture

[Click on the image for a larger view. Size of the circles are not drawn to scale and, therefore, are not indicative of actual portfolio allocation.] For a visual person like me, a picture is worth thousand words. The picture above is a visual representation of the types of stocks we own in the Mosaic Portfolio as of today. … [Read more...]

Friday Grin: Economy

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