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Friday Grin: Back to Basics

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Friday Grin: Reflexes

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Friday Grin: IPO

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Friday Grin: Job Creation

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Investor Letter – August 2012

Our investor letter for August 2012 is available on our website now. You can access it here - Letter to Investors - August'12 … [Read more...]

Jack Bogle on High Frequency Trading

In the light of Knight Capital Group's robots gone wild last week, legendary investor Jack Bogle talks to CNBC about high frequency trading, its negligible impact on long-term investors and how to mitigate the issue of robots/algos creating unusual swings in the market. I agree with his antidote for the high frequency trading driven instability in the market. He also talks about state of the economy and stock market. The interview is about 10 minutes long. I think, it is well worth your time … [Read more...]

Twisted Logic of Bill Gross

Bill Gross is known as the bond king in the world of investing. His bond fund, PIMCO Total Return Fund, is the largest bond fund in the world. He is credited with coining the term for current economic situation -- "the new normal". Recently, Bill Gross wrote a commentary on US stock market past returns and expected future returns. To put things in perspective, the last time he pronounced the death of stocks was in February 2009. As Forbes reports - "...Since then, the S&P 500 has climbed … [Read more...]

Friday Grin: Planning

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