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Friday Grin: Business Lunch

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Interesting Time for Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks are being subject to opposing forces in the market these days. On the positive side, for last few months, investors have been bidding up prices of dividend stocks so much that some folks in the industry and media started talking about potential "dividend bubble". This is a typical investment community behavior when there is a lot of uncertainties in the market and prospect of downturn in the market grows higher. So, with all the news about European crisis, US presidential … [Read more...]

Mobile Payments Trends

With growing adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices, the mobile payment industry is experiencing rapid growth. Here is a nice infographic from Statista.   [Click on the image for a larger view.] … [Read more...]

Friday Grin: Pretend Friend

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Nassim Taleb Essay: Learning to Love Volatility

On Saturday, Wall Street Journal published an essay by Nassim Taleb. It is a precursor to his new book, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, which is scheduled to be published later this month. In his past books and essays, Taleb has argued about how black swan events, events that we can not anticipate in advance, impact the course of history very significantly while most of our day-to-day efforts are geared towards smaller, inconsequential tasks that we can control and feel good about … [Read more...]

Friday Grin: Bookkeeping

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Tax Increase from Fiscal Cliff

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Friday Grin: No Politics

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Friday Grin: Social Media

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