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TFI008: How to Evaluate Company Managements

What are the factors we should consider when evaluating a management team? How to figure out whether the management team is shareholder friendly? These are the questions I addressed in this episode. High insider ownership Owner operated? Shareholder friendly? How do they make use of the company money? (allocate capital well?) Dividend (Return to shareholders) Stock buyback (Return to shareholders) Pay down debt (De-risk) Capex (Invest in business - … [Read more...]

TFI 007: An Overview of Economic Moat and Competitive Analysis

What is the moat of a business? In this episode, we explore Business life cycle Importance of qualitative analysis 4 different types of economic moat Pricing power as a key indicator of competitive advantage Right click here to download the MP3 Book on Spotlight: The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America Action Item: Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher … [Read more...]