Showrooming in the Retail Environment

Here is a nice infographic about "showrooming": examining goods in a brick and mortar store but making the actual purchase online. It is becoming every brick and mortar retail store's nightmare. Source: Statista … [Read more...]

18% of American Households Hold 69% of Consumer Net Worth

Source: Statista … [Read more...]

BRIC Consumers Plan to Spend Big on Consumer Electronics

(Source: statista) … [Read more...]

Most Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds Lagged The Market in 2012

Nearly 2/3 of US stock mutual fund managers lagged their benchmarks in 2012 and 88% of hedge funds were lagging the S&P 500 as of mid-December. Here are the links to the stories: WSJ, Barrons, Zero Hedge. The story was not too different in 2011: As reported by Business Insider, 84% of actively managed mutual funds underperformed the stock market in 2011. If you think that may be one or two years may be just anomalies, keep in mind that this is the third straight year that hedge funds … [Read more...]

Battle for Attention: Mobile Apps vs Television

Television is turning into just one more device to consume content - just like tablets and smartphone. Source: Statista … [Read more...]

Mobile Payments Trends

With growing adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices, the mobile payment industry is experiencing rapid growth. Here is a nice infographic from Statista.   [Click on the image for a larger view.] … [Read more...]

Jack Bogle on High Frequency Trading

In the light of Knight Capital Group's robots gone wild last week, legendary investor Jack Bogle talks to CNBC about high frequency trading, its negligible impact on long-term investors and how to mitigate the issue of robots/algos creating unusual swings in the market. I agree with his antidote for the high frequency trading driven instability in the market. He also talks about state of the economy and stock market. The interview is about 10 minutes long. I think, it is well worth your time … [Read more...]