Why to Invest in Spoke Fund®?

Instead of lengthy conversations or written explanations, we thought it will be useful to create a 4-5 minute video about Spoke Fund®. In this video we discuss what is Spoke Fund® and what are the advantages of Spoke Fund®. We also highlight the limitations of traditional investment products offered by large financial service firms, e.g., mutual funds and hedge funds. … [Read more...]

Investor Letter – August 2012

Our investor letter for August 2012 is available on our website now. You can access it here - Letter to Investors - August'12 … [Read more...]

Portfolio in a Picture

[Click on the image for a larger view. Size of the circles are not drawn to scale and, therefore, are not indicative of actual portfolio allocation.] For a visual person like me, a picture is worth thousand words. The picture above is a visual representation of the types of stocks we own in the Mosaic Portfolio as of today. … [Read more...]

Virtual Detox of Your Portfolio

Though we would like to think that most of the time we are objective and rational investors, behavioral finance has shown that our brain is not so simple. If left unchecked, our conscious and subconscious biases derail us from rational investment analysis. One such illusion or bias is our tendency to anchor on the price we paid for a stock. While analyzing the stocks in our portfolio, if we own the stock, the price we paid for the stocks is a factor that impacts our analysis of the value of the … [Read more...]

The Double-Trouble with Market Timing

It is difficult enough to be right about timing the market once that the thought of being right about timing the market twice in a short span seems like a herculean task. Consider this -- if you would have sold all your stock holdings in mid 2008 and bought them back in March 2009, not only you would have avoided the financial crisis and resulting crash, you would have made a bundle with the sharp rebound of the US equity market in last couple of years since the crash of 2008. But, those moves … [Read more...]