TFI Difference

Our Manifesto

We believe that your portfolio manager should be as accessible and transparent as your close friend/partner and invest your money for long-term, right alongside his/her own money. Period. No hidden fees, commissions or penalties. No intelligent-sounding, but opaque, and illiquid investments using your hard earned money. No excessive trading or portfolio churning.

Here are the key attributes that set us apart from our competitiors or other asset managers –


We are like your neighborhood community small-business. So, unlike the institutional structures and layers of hierarchy at other investment management businesses, our Portfolio Manager is directly accessible to our clients, just like a small business owner to talk about any questions they have about their portfolios or investment philosophy etc.


We use a Spoke Fund® model which makes your portfolio completely transparent. You can log in to your account anytime and see what securities your portfolio manager has chosen and what fee has been charged to your account. So, there is no window dressing at the end of the year to make us look good. We constantly communicate with you about our thoughts through emails, newsletters, and blog posts, etc.

Long-term Investing

We invest for the long-term. With us you can be assured that we are not swayed by the investment fads of the time, stock market momentum, or the loud mouths in the financial media.

No Conflicts of Interest

Our portfolio manager has nearly all of his investable assets in our fund. So, your money will be invested right alongside ours. We take our fiduciary oath seriously. Both federal and state law require that as a fiduciary, we must act solely in the best interest of our clients – even if that interest is in conflict with our own financial interests. We charge a fee based on the amount of assets you have under management. This way our interests are aligned with yours. We only make more money when you make more money by growing your assets. We have no reason to churn your portfolio to generate commissions or to sell you expensive products that pay us more.

Low Cost

We are penny pinchers at heart. Our portfolios minimize costs. The few trades we do make pay little to no commissions to the custodian. There are no hidden fees.


We are an independent firm. We have no ties to Wall Street. We have no pressure to sell preferred products or prepackaged solutions. We do not accept commissions, kickbacks, gifts, or any other payments from any third party.